AEO Consortium
specializes in delivering solution driven communication, information distribution and effective media sound and visual tools created specifically to restore, redeem and prosper the root foundation of your enterprise.

WHAT DO WE DO - Record and distribute content media through capturing live footage, via online technology and ALL forms of on locations video capturing, with mobile unit on demand streaming as the finish product. 
In addition,the dispensing of revelation knowledge (wisdom and insights) in public forum settings (radio/ television talk shows) and public performance in the public speaking circut. And worldwide distribution of 70 and Beyond - The Evolution of Quartet Music- The DuBose Legacy ebook (available for purchase online, AEOTV Store, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo and more). A Penguin Random House/Authorhouse publication. 

Providing excellent productions and presentations which yields boundless growth and expansion of your brand. 

Founder/CEO|Anne`DuBois (Voice of Love)

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AEO Consortium
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Revelation Knowledge for YOU
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